Charity Baptist Ministries

Charity Baptist Church

Charity Baptist ChurchNow with over two decades of dedicated action for the Lord and consistent preaching of God’s Word, this church has grown into a Lighthouse for God’s Glory!!! Lives have been salvaged and souls have been saved. Families have received strength and the young have found the Lord’s Will. Children have been encouraged to be faithful and adults have been grounded in the solid doctrine of our Bible. Men have been sent out and victories have been won. We are thankful for what we have seen and what we have felt within the walls of the Charity Baptist Church. Some of the greatest preachers from the USA and Australia have stood behind its pulpit. Some of PNG’s greatest too have preached from this place. Many young pastors and preachers and even some missionaries have used this church for a growing time in their lives. God has been good to Charity!!! We praise Him for the grand influence of this sacred place in the swamps of Kerema.Read more

Charity Baptist Academy

Charity Baptist AcademyStriving For Excellence has been the theme of this great educational institution for the last 12 years. It was the dream of Mary Gray to see CBA up and running. Many have said that Mary was the heart of CBA!!! God has blessed us with being able to start the very first Christian School in the Gulf Province. We have had hundreds of students pass through our doors and many have graduated from both Grade 10 and Grade 12. Hundreds have been taught to read and write and then enter the government schools only to excel far above all the rest. We currently average around 75 students per year and have several national staff members. Often we get teachers from the USA to come and assist in our school for short terms of service. God has saved many students and we have seen many grow spiritually for His Glory. Some of our graduates have left and entered other institutions of Higher Learning and have greatly soared above even our expectations. God has blessed CBA!!!Read more

Charity Baptist Missions

Charity Baptist MissionsOur desire is to open the eyes of the lost around us and show them that Christ is the Only Way!!! We have seen several of our families go out from our church and begin ministries and churches in other parts of our Province as well as other Provinces too. Currently our church supports 7 national mission workers on a monthly basis. These families have dedicated their lives to serve our Saviour in some very hard and difficult places of service. Some are now pastors and church planters. Some are being used in a teaching ministry with other established churches. Our Christian School also supports several mission families and many mission projects each year. Please pray for our work in getting the Gospel out to those who need to hear!!! Pray for more laborers to enter the Harvest Field of our Lord and to go and win the lost at any cost.Read more

Charity Baptist Bible Institute

Charity Baptist Bible InstituteWe must train them to send them!!! God has blessed us with several good intakes of students over the many years of training. We run a full 3 year training course followed by a 9 month practical outreach program that prepares our students for the work God has called them to. We also offer a 4th year for those who desire a higher degree and further study in God’s Word. We go through nearly all the books of the Bible as well as many of the major courses needed for a preacher or pastor. We also have a course of study for our ladies as well which include many Bible classes and Teacher’s Training Courses. We have graduates in many Provinces as well as the National Capital District. CBBI is not easy, it is a tough and rough course of study. Thanks be to God many have passed the course of study and are currently in the field of service. Read more

Charity Baptist Power Conference

Charity Baptist Power ConferenceHow do we charge up the Gulf Province? Many times we do it through the Gulf Power Conferences!!! For many years now God has let us gather together some of the best preachers around to encourage our pastors, mission workers, missionaries and church folks. Our goal is to just present ourselves once again to God upon His altar. We want to be used of Him and to be that “Living Sacrifice” He wants us to be. We have been so charged up over the past many years in our conferences. God has encouraged, saved, called and even restored our people and preachers back to Him during these special times. Each Power Conference has been unique and set apart from the others. It is that fire that we sometimes really need for God!!!  Read more

Charity Baptist Educational Development Ministries

Charity Baptist Educational Development MinistriesGod has richly used us in getting into PNG trained teachers to not only help in our Christian Schools and with our missionary families, but to assist in the government run institutions of Higher Learning. We have been blessed to have been able to see several come in and assist in our Universities in the field of Math and Science. We have too been able to see several doctors come to our shores to help in our larger hospitals and to assist in operations and even training. We currently are trying to gather several from Australia and from the US to help in many other fields of service too. CBEDM is designed to work with the PNG Government to streamline the process of getting skilled labor onto our shores for short term service. This new ministry is exciting but painfully troublesome in following the red tape of Government Offices. We too are using this ministry to begin other Elementary Schools within our Province as satellite schools under the registration of CBA of Kerema. Please pray for this unique ministry. Read more