CBA School Building Dedication Service – Jesus First Sunday

CBA School Building Dedication Service

CBA School Building Dedication ServiceWhat a grand time of Celebration it was on Friday, 5th April, 2013, as the residents of Kerema, the surrounding villages and many of our CBA supporters and former students gathered together to dedicate the Charity Baptist Academy School Building to the Memory of Mrs. Mary E. Gray! Please view the photos in the picture section to see how everything looked during this fantastic ceremony. Our students were wearing their best as they stood and sang to the onlookers and supporters of CBA that favorite of Mrs. Grays, Majesty!!! They sang with hearts full of love for the one who invested her heart into this ministry and for the Glory of the Lord. Though a State Funeral was also occurring at the same time in Kerema, over 450 folks came to this dedication service in jubilation for the Heart Of CBA.

The weather was perfect, the decorations were beautiful; all the flowers were hanging so gracefully all over the buildings both inside and outside. So many hours of work had gone into this program. So many hours of work had gone into the planning and into the decorations. Our Students and staff outdid themselves as they prepared for this event working many times late into the evenings. Practicing was daily, still academic work was being done as we got nearer the time of celebration.

Many of the students as well as the folks of the Charity Baptist Church worked long hours cleaning the property to get ready for this day. Much had to be done to the grounds like cleaning, cutting of grass, cleaning of the roadside and cleaning the hilly areas as well. Some indoor items too moved, cleaned, fixed and worked on. Overall, we had such a great spirit of cooperation while getting ready for this special time and event. Yes, there were times of hardship, our power had been off sometimes everyday for many hours. Yet, God let us have power on this special day. Praise the Lord!!! We thank Him for all those who worked and labored so long to make this day a truly great one for the Lord’s Honor and Glory.

In flight, during many of these long hours of work, was our designated speaker and brother of the late Mrs. Mary Gray, Dr. James Green, pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Charleviox, Michigan, USA! I traveled into Port Moresby to pick up Dr. Jim Green and his youngest daughter, Esther, on Wednesday morning. After a long flight over from the USA, a bit of sleep on the planes, and a Wednesday Evening church service in Port Moresby filled with long testimonies and lots of jet lag for my weary travellers, the Greens jumped into my vehicle early Thursday morning and off we went down the highway full speed dodging all the holes in the road and arrived into Kerema in exactly 6 hours!!! We were all met at the school by the many students still decorating the buildings and preparing for Friday’s special day. Lovely flowers were placed upon the necks of our overseas visitors as they climbed out of the vehicle and were swarmed by lots of happy and rejoicing CBA students and staff. Dr. Jim Green’s other daughter, Joanna, had been doing a teaching internship with us in Kerema, so for the last several months she had been there helping to prepare for this great day. What great excitement was already in the air as we arrived safely to Kerema. Unpacking, resting and having a good meal was next on the agenda for us.

God gave the Greens good rest and a good spirit to be with us for this God-Honoring Time. All was ready by 10:00 AM on Friday morning as everyone gathered together for this very unique time of dedication. Two of our other featured speakers had arrived and now it was time to begin. After the wonderful song selection by our CBA boys and girls, I welcomed everyone to this very Historic Ceremony that was about to take place. Our first speaker, the Acting Director of Education in the Gulf Province, Mr. Joshua Aivei, gave a wonderful speech on the great success of Mrs. Gray and her ability to teach children to read and write at such an early age. His thoughts were very timely, his attitude very humbling and his diction was spot on!!! He encouraged everyone present to invest in what CBA has to offer. He even has two of his children in our school. How is that for support! He told of the upcoming work that CBA is doing to invest in the Government teachers within our province as well. He told of the closeness that he felt with us and that his department had full assurance upon what we were doing for the children of this land. He promised his support in future development of CBA and the extensions of CBA to other areas of the province. What an encouraging message given to our folks.

Our next speaker was the Honorable Havila Kavo, MP, Governor of the Gulf Province of PNG!!! Again, with great enthusiasm and with much humility, his speech set in perfectly with our entire program. His children were trained and taught by Mrs. Gray, his daughter is one of our graduates as well. He told of the greatness of CBA and of the future it had within our borders. He pledged great support and promised to help out with the refurbishing of the CBA school building. What a great blessing to be noticed by the “Higher Ups” of our land. With much applause and many tears, his speech brought great encouragement to many. He felt so relaxed to be with us, he felt at home he said and was so happy to be a part of such an historic moment upon the shore of our Province. To God Be The Glory!

Finishing up our time was the keynote address given by Dr. James Green, brother of the late Mrs. Gray. With emotions set high, with dignity upheld, with grandness of wording and with great expectation, Dr. Jim Green gave a God Honoring message uplifting the Saviour of Mary Gray! Tears fell everywhere during his message and then he and his daughters sang, Only One Life! This song was one of the favorites of Mrs. Gray. Her motto in life was, “Only One Life, So Soon It Will Pass, Only What’s Done For Christ Will Last.” Dr. Green pointed to many stories of Mrs. Gray’s life and wove it all together perfectly to present the Gospel to those who were in attendance. What a tremendous time and message given to our people. God blessed greatly, many wonderful comments were made after the message was given. Dr. Jim Green did an outstanding job in presenting Christ!!!

At last, it was my time once again, and I then had the great privilege to Dedicate the Charity Baptist Academy School Building to the memory of the Late Mrs. Mary E. Gray! Her initials spell out, M.E.G. Our CBA school building is now officially called, THE MEG BUILDING!!! In great memory and honor to the heart of CBA, the Late Mrs. Mary E. Gray!

Last on the list of things to do was to eat, always a pleasant experience! Did we have enough food? Wow, we had food enough for an army!!! All types of meat, vegetables, rice and soup as well as traditional foods were in great abundance and even cakes and sweet things. Fruit too was everywhere and everyone received an abundance of servings and ate to their hearts content.

I want to thank everyone who had such a great part in this Historic Meeting and Dedication Service and Ceremony. Everyone did excellent and every task was completed with joy! God Received Glory!

Dr. J Moody Gray, LM
Administrator of the Charity Baptist Academy

Jesus First Sunday

The second part to this Dedication Service was our JESUS FIRST SUNDAY!!! Just two days after this great time of celebration, all the folks of the Charity Baptist Church gathered together on Sunday, the 7th of April, for a truly Wonderful time of Worship and a great time of searching. The crowd was exceptional and the spirit was great but the power was off!!! Oh, well, can’t win them all. We ran a generator from the other building just to have our PA up and running. Yet, though this small problem occurred, the spirits were high and the visitors were many and God’s Name was Glorified!

The decorations remained inside the church building and even more flowers were added to give color. Lovely floral arrangements were in the front of the church giving such a sweet fragrance of smell to the place. Soon, many folks started to appear including many visitors there for the very first time. The Sunday School soon began as folks still made their way in. By the time it was over, the place was filling up fast. So many came who have been missing from church. Several of the visitors were also there on Easter Sunday, just the week previous. God was blessing and working already. Soon a break was given and all was made ready for the main service.

Though without lights, we still had a full house and a grand time gathering in and singing unto the Lord the great songs of Zion. The Green sisters sang together a beautiful song praising our God. Soon it was time for the message from God’s Word. Dr. Jim Green began in a powerful way speaking on the theme of this year at Charity, Jesus First. He wove it into the story of Peter walking upon the water. It was so understandable to our people. God used him greatly to get so many facts and points across to our folks concerning their faith. He did once again, an amazing job preaching God’s Word. So many filled the altars, so many tears were dropped upon the floors. God was moving upon hearts like He had done so many times before in so many places. He Is Able!!! He Will Always Make A Way!!! In the service were 5 that were lost but did not come forward. Several days afterwards, we saw three of them trust Christ as their own personal Saviour!!! Amen!!! God once again is always in the Saving Business. What a great time we had in that long morning service at Charity Baptist Church!

We met later that day at 5:00 in the afternoon for another feast of food in Thanksgiving unto our God for His Wonderful Works. Again, it was sufficient and fabulous!!! We all sat in the afternoon shade, enjoying the blessings of God, chatting with good friends of the faith and eating very wonderful helpings of good food. There seemed not to be a cloud in the sky. The fellowship of God’s people was so sweet and delightful. The Greens seemed to enjoy the company of all of our PNG companions in the Lord. Some of our pastors too were able to be there and many of our visitors came back that afternoon for the food. There were even several of the lost that came back and such a joy to see our folks love upon them and show a great interest in them. Praying that God would convict them even more and soon show Himself to them for them to see that He Is The Only Way!!! We nearly chatted until dark and soon cleaned up from a successful weekend with two grand services. God showed up during our times of meeting, He is so very Faithful. He desires our Praise to be given to HIM.

Our desire is that the folks involved in the Charity Baptist Ministries and Reaching The Gulf, would have a burden to place Jesus First in their lives. Even within the boundaries of our Christian School, our students are wanting to place Him First in the weak areas of their lives. They feel He is not First in so many areas of their lives, they even have made lists to help them work harder and to remind them of these areas each day. They have been praying too that God would show them their weaknesses. Our goal for 2013 is to make Jesus First in every area of our life. With God’s help, we can begin the process of letting the Holy Spirit show us what to do to achieve this goal. Please pray for our people and for this great and growing ministry. Pray that growth can be seen and souls can be reached with the Gospel of Christ. Pray that Jesus will be First!!!

Again, I would like to personally thank everyone who had a great part in this Special Sunday. For the Greens, who have sacrificed their time and money to come and be a blessing. For our men, ladies and youth, who worked so hard in preparation for this day including the inviting of many visitors and cooking of much food. For our children, who also went out and reached their friends and brought them in for this day. Lastly, thanks for all those who prayed, from all over the country and even other countries as well. Thanks for helping us make Jesus First in our lives!!!


Dr. J Moody Gray, LM
Administrative Director / Acting Pastor
The Charity Baptist Church, Ministries & Reaching The Gulf
Kerema, Gulf Province