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Looking unto Jesus!  Yes, we need to see our ministry not as the buildings that surround us but as the people to whom God has called us!  Let us pray, let us fast, and let us see HIM in His Greatness and then capture the hearts of those who are still lost.  Let us take them the Gospel and let us train others to go and fulfill the Great Commission!  Let us strive for the excellence of winning men to Christ.  Let us be renewed in our Vision for this New Year of 2016!  Let us rescue the perishing!

Reaching the Gulf!Reaching The Gulf desires to be an avenue that can be used of God in 2016 to bring men to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Your prayers and support are a continual blessing to us and sustain us in this work of winning the lost.  Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord.

Charity Baptist Ministries – Papua New Guinea

Charity Baptist MinistriesCHARITY BAPTIST MINISTRIES was begun in 1990 with the founding of the Charity Baptist Church in the Provincial capital of Kerema.   Over the many years of existence, literally thousands have been saved as a part of this ministry.  God has given many victories and has used many of His people to come and to work in this exciting but difficult place we call Kerema.  Located  along the southern coast of the province, Kerema is the largest mangrove swamp in PNG!  Yes, living in a swamp is a challenging situation but God has always blessed abundantly with the richness of His Wonderful Grace!  This ministry continues to grow and to blossom and we are trusting the Lord to use us in a great and mighty way for His Glory!  We know “God Will Make A Way”for us to serve Him through the darkness that sometimes surrounds us in His Will. Support this great ministry for the souls of the people of the Gulf Province.  Pray for each of the ministries that God would use them for the furtherance of His gospel and for the edification of His saints.  Pray for more labourers!

Word For The World Baptist Ministries – PNG

Word for the World WFTW-PNGhas been used for over a quarter of a century to bring in qualified, fully surrendered, God honouring, missionary families from all over the USA.   Men and women willing to take the lowest place and to be a servant to all men!  Dedicated, God called families have come to join us in the task of fulfilling the Great Commission.   Preachers, teachers, health workers and willing folks with all capabilities of trades and skills have joined this team of Ambassadors for Christ.  As the Administrator of WFTW-PNG, it has been an honor to help them in any way possible for  these many years.  They are truly some of “God’s Greatest Servants.”  What a joy to serve them in ways so foreign to many folks.  Work permits, visas, registrations of all kinds, Immigration and Foreign Affairs dealings, land issues, legal matters and incorporations, have just been a small part of assistance that has been given to them freely.  Please pray for these families and comrades of our Great Faith as we labour together in the Mighty Work of Our Lord on the shores of Papua New Guinea!



God has given us a  special 25th Anniversary present here in the Gulf.  Our governor has seen the need for our ministry to have a new vehicle to use in travel back and forth to the city for supplies.  We have been presented with a brand new double cab 4WD truck!  The Lord is so gracious and so good to us.  God moves and supplies many times beyond our understanding.  We praise Him for meeting this great need in our ministry.